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El Dorado County Fair Association Board of Directors

Fair Manager and board of Directors


El Dorado County Fair Association Chief Executive Officer

Jody W. Gray

El Dorado County Fair Association Board of Directors

Tom Davis, President
Tiffany Carter, Vice President
Chris Whitaker, Treasurer
Dee Kobervig, Immediate Past-President

Mick McGuire
Mike Denton
Karen Feathers
Tiffany Carter
Chris Whitaker
Sam Bradley
Fred Hunt
Kathy Witherow

Honorary Board Members
Florence Sweeney, deceased
Wilbur Howe
Douglas Milton, deceased
Curtis Patterson, deceased
Pat O'Halloran

2016 Board Meeting dates:

January 13 Annual Meeting 5:00 pm
  Regular Meeting 5:30 pm
February 3 Regular Meeting 5:30 pm
March 2 Regular Meeting 5:30 pm
April 6 Regular Meeting 5:30 pm
May 3 Regular Meeting 10:30 am
June 16 Regular Meeting 10:30 am
Opening Day of Fair
Combined with August Meeting
August 10 Regular Meeting 5:30 pm
September 7 Regular Meeting 1:00 pm
Annual Retreat
October 5 Regular Meeting 5:30 pm
November Combined with December Meeting
December 7 Regular Meeting 5:30 pm


The El Dorado County Fair Association invites you to join us!

Are you interested in the Fair? Do you have new ideas? We would like to hear them. Are you an El Dorado County Resident? For $30 a year (or $50 for a family) you can join the fun, and receive one of the best bargains in the county.

As a member of the El Dorado County Fair Association, you will receive via e-mail the agenda for Board meetings and one season pass to the Fair per individual membership and two season passes per family of two. You may also participate on various committees that investigate all aspects of the Fair.

Annual meeting of the Association is held every January.

Association Membership Application

Print the above PDF and mail it to
El Dorado County Fair Association, Inc
100 Placerville Drive
Placerville, CA 95667