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Beer Competitions

2020 Results are In!


Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Benjamin Franklin

2020 Commercial Microbrew Competition

Commercial Rules:
Open to all commercially licensed brewers. Entry to consist of a 6-pack or equivalent. Commercial brews must be brewed at the licensed premises by the exhibitor; no pilot batches. Brews entered must have TTB/ABC Brand and Label approval and be commercially available at the time of purchase with the exception of “Seasonal” offerings (must indicate when these are available).

2020 Homebrew Competition

Homebrew Rules:
American Homebrewer’s Associations rules shall apply unless they are in conflict with State Rules. AHA/BCJP. Enter according to BJCP Style (ex. 9A or 9 B). Commercially produced beers or those produced at a brewery on premises facility are not eligible. (Enter those in the Commercial Competition). ALL BEER OTHER THAN COMMERCIAL