Entry Guide

2024 El Dorado County Fair
June 13-16, 2024

Entry Due Date Schedule
Entry Forms are below the Entry Guide Sections

Entry Guide Sections
      Arts - Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures & More, Plein Air
      Homebrew Competition
      Beer Labels
      Commercial Microbrew Competition
      Crafts, Gourds & Bird Houses
Fiber and Sewing
      Fleeces, Fiber, Basketry, Wool, Knitting and Crocheting
       Clothing and Sewing
      Needle Arts
Flowers and Plants
      Arrangements, Dried, Fresh, Silk, Adopt-a-Spot Gardens (formerly floriculture)
Food Items
      Baking & Sweets
      Canning & Dried Foods
Fruits and Veggies
      Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Gardening, Displays (includes AG Feature Booth info)
Literary Arts
      Literary Arts Poetry, Short Stories, Posters
Minerals and Mining
      Minerals and Mining
Pee Wee Rodeo & Mutton Bustin'
      Pee Wee Rodeo & Mutton Bustin
            Pee Wee Rodeo Flyer
            Mutton Bustin' Flyer
      Photography Adult, Teen, Youth, 4-H
      Tablesetting Adult, 4-H, Youth, Teen, Fresh Flowers
Technology and Industrial
      Technology, Industrial and AG Mechanics (FFA/4H/Grange)
      Homemade Wine Competition

      Still Exhibitor Code of Conduct
      Junior Entry Form
      4-H/Jr. Grange/FFA/Industrial Ed. Entry Form
      Adult Entry Form
      Homemade Wine Entry Form
      Homebrew and Microbrew Information
      Wine Label Entry Form

Still Entry Registration

Still Entry Registration

Livestock Forms and Registration (Entry forms are below)

Livestock Entry Registration

Entry Guide Sections
All Livestock judged American System
      Dog Care & Training
      All Goats
      Horse Show
      Llama & Alpaca
      Rabbits & Cavies
      All Sheep
      Livestock Judging
      Pee Wee Rodeo and Mutton Bustin' Entry Guide Information
            Pee Wee Rodeo Registration Deadline is June 7, 2024 in Fair Office.
            Mutton Bustin' Registration begins May 30, 2024 in Fair Office.
      Showmanship/Master Showmanship

Entry Forms
      Cattle Entry Form
      Cavy Entry Form
      Dog (Llama/Alpaca/Dog) Entry Form
      Dairy Goat Entry Form
      Market Goat Entry Form
      Nigerian Non Market Goat Entry Form
      Pack Goat Entry Form
      Pygmy Goat Entry Form
      Horse Entry Form
      Llama/Alpaca Entry Form
      Livestock Judging Entry Form
      Poultry Entry Form
      Eggs (Adult) Entry Form
      Rabbit Entry Form
      Breeding Sheep Entry Form
      Market Sheep Entry Form
      Swine Entry Form

Other Forms
      Adult Code of Conduct Form
      Release of Liability Waiver
      4-H/Grange/FFA Horse Ownership/Registration Certificate
      Livestock Parent RV and Camping
      Local Bred Steer Entry Form (A.E.S. CLASS)
      Market Animal Ear Tag Form
      Proposition 12 Form (for swine)
      Lease Agreement Form:
Horse, Llama/Alpaca

Helpful Information
      2024 Livestock Pre-Fair Important Dates
      2024 Livestock Show Schedule
      4-H Guidelines for Social Media

Livestock Quality Assurance Training
Mandatory for all Livestock Exhibitors*

      *Primary members are excluded. In order to show an animal at Fair exhibitors are required to attend this training.
      This includes non-market & market classes. If exhibitors plan to sell at the El Dorado County Fair Jr. Livestock Auction, they must attend this training.
      Turn certificates into your leaders. June 1st is the deadline for leaders to turn in all certificates with a listing of names included.
      Online Quality Assurance Training

Livestock Forms and Registration

Livestock Entry Registration

Still Exhibits Forms and Registration

Still Entry Registration