El Dorado County Fair Association Board of Directors

Fairs represent the cultures, people, businesses and hobbies of the communities they serve. It is the people that enter, display, and attend who make the Fair a diverse cultural event.

Mission Statement:
El Dorado County Fair is dedicated to maintaining a vital year round facility benefiting the people of El Dorado County.

Our Vision:
Bringing community together.

El Dorado County Fair Board


El Dorado County Fair Association Chief Executive Officer
Kathy Dunkak

El Dorado County Fair Association Board of Directors

Karen Forni-Feathers, President
Fred Hunt, Vice-President
Lori Warden, Treasurer
Chris Whitaker, Immediate Past President

Tiffany Carter
Tom Davis
Dee Kobervig
Cheri White
Gay Willyard
Mick McGuire
Kathy Witherow

Honorary Board Members
Wilbur Howe
Pat O'Halloran*
Florence Sweeney*
Douglas Milton*
Curtis Patterson*

2023 Board Meeting dates

January 4

March 1 (cancelled due to weather  )
April 4
May 12

June 7 August 2
September 13

October 4
November 1
December 6



June Regular Meeting
July No Meeting
August Regular Meeting
September Regular Meeting
October Regular Meeting
November Regular Meeting
December Regular Meeting