Annual Crab and Chowder Gala Fundraiser

Annual Crab & Chowder Gala | SOLD OUT!
Saturday, November 10, 2018, Mark D. Forni Building
Doors open at 6pm. Dinner is served at 7pm.

Thank you for your interest in our annual fundraiser.
As a 501 c 3 nonprofit, we are not a county department, which means that we rely on year-round rentals as well as our Crab Feed fundraiser to generate revenue. We have been at our current location on Placerville Drive (old Highway 50) since 1939, so you can imagine the costs to repair and update our aging infrastructure.
It is our honored responsibility to our beloved community to maintain the grounds for all to enjoy. Please donate to our fundraiser and join us in our mission to serve our community. ♥

Is this your first crab feed? | Crab Feed Etiquette

We love Crab
We love Crab
Dungeness Crab
Dancing after Dinner'
Our 2018 Crab & Chowder Gala is sponsored in part by El Dorado Disposal El Dorado Disposal

For sponsorship opportunities or other information email or call 530.621.5860.

Thank You to our Partners who donated to our Auction and Raffle

Sweet, delicious Dungeness crab is always a treat.

Tom Douglas