Circus Imagination and Clown College!

Circus Imagination presents Clown College! An interactive skill-based attraction where kids of all ages can come play and learn basic circus talents. Featuring classes on hula hoop tricks, juggling and balance beam along with all day free play with giant soap bubbles, hay bale maze and more. Let's get out, be active and learn some silly skills!

Circus Imagination Show
Kids from the audience become the stars of the show starting with the Ringmaster choosing kids from the audience. There's only one requirement to be on the show: big smiles!

Bad Miller

Bad Miller, Music of Bad Company & Steve Miller

Two of the greatest classic rock bands of all time come together in this tribute, Bad Miller, Music of Bad Company & the Steve Miller Band. Come rock with us!

Heartless, tribute to Heart

California's premier Heart Tribute Band inspired by 30 years of Rock & Roll from sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Heartless gives you the thrill of falling in love with the music of Heart all over again.

Legends of El Dorado

Legends of El Dorado

A number of local legends will take the Budweiser Stage on Sunday night, September 26 starting at 7:00pm. This gathering is a must-see for those who have grown up listening to these musicians play around town, and for those who have never had the pleasure—you’re in for a treat.

Malicious Monster Trucks Insanity Tour

The Malicious Monster Trucks from Straight Up Racing will invade our red clay dirt track to see who can survive. Rock Star, California Kid, Identity Theft, Spitfire and Honda Generators High Voltage will battle it out in head to head Monster Truck competition.

Chris Mabrey, Master of Comedy Hypnosis

Chris is the definition of a modern-day stage hypnotist. His ability to improv shines through, as he never knows what direction his show will go next, keeping his audience begging for more. Since Chris customizes his shows depending on his subjects and audience, each show is unique. Watching him live causes you to laugh because you can tell he is often just as surprised as the audience. His shows are outstanding, fascinating, and beyond expectations— an unforgettable experience.

Wild Science – an interactive science exhibit

John M. Studebaker International Wheelbarrow Races

Since 1939, Johnny’s memory has been celebrated with a wheelbarrow race at the annual El Dorado County Fair in Placerville. In 1854, Studebaker was a well-known name in these parts. He came to the foothills seeking his fortune in gold, but made his fortune building wheelbarrows for the miners. The race involves maneuvering wheelbarrows loaded with sandbags over railroad trestles, through water and over steep hills to the finish line.  Open to both men and women, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Salsa Steel Drum Duo

Bill and Stephanie play steel drums and sing with tracks to a huge variety of music including Latin, classic steel drum pieces, Calypso, kids music and classic rock.

Thee Olde Country – tribute revue/variety show

Dancing, singing, laughter and tears are food for the soul. Nothing cooks them up like a good olde classic country song and Thee Olde Country has Grandma’s recipe! Part tribute revue, part variety show, all fun! The band carries on the generations olde tradition of spreading joy, and comforting life’s hard times through the healing ways of Honky Tonk music. Channeling those who came before them from Patsy to Dolly and Hank to Willie, Thee Olde Country brings to vibrant, colorful life, the narratives of their songs through a costume and shtick rich, character driven show.

Whoville – Celebrating the British Band, The Who

Attila Viola and the Bakersfield Boys

We are a Bakersfield-inspired band playing “California-Country Music,” based on the life, travels and songs of Attila Viola, as well as the Masters who came before us like Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Paycheck, and more. Our music sticks to the script of the traditional Bakersfield Sound, but also blends in some very hard and strong guitar work as well as a more contemporary, very high-energy backbeat.

The Austin Mo Xperience

Austin Morgan aka Austin Mo is a singer, songwriter and blues/rock guitar prodigy backed by incredibly talented musicians in a high energy band with influences from Hendrix to Zeppelin to Lenny Kravitz.

Blind Lemon Peel

New Orleans blues funk – High octane entertainers, jet fueled performers and above all, a professional blues show band who play to please. Their material is 100% guaranteed USDA fresh…mostly originals with some quirky stuff thrown in... They’re a kick ass, funky, get up and shake your love thang, boogie woogie blues machine!

The Beer Scouts

The Beer Scouts are a San Francisco Bay Area power trio that defines raw rock and roll: guitar, bass, drums. They play blues and straight-ahead rock and roll influenced by artists such as the Beatles, Brownsville Station, Cheap Trick, the Smithereens, Grand Funk Railroad, Chuck Berry and even the Monkees! Their motto: “Will Rock for Beer!”

The Deadlies

The Deadlies bring a bright blast of sound evolving from the California surf scene and roadhouse honkytonks, and swinging with free‐wheelin’ references of the best of punk & rock, The Deadlies rebrand the power‐trio sound. These three are loaded for bear with chops and hooks making them the Deadli‐est of Surf bands.

California Country

A blend of new and old country from early Merle Haggard days to current. California Country is a country band all the way.

California Creedence

Committed to performing classic hits as you originally heard them.

Court 'n' Disaster

Court ‘n’ Disaster plays a blend of classic and traditional country music along with their own original songs. Their high energy, danceable songs are played by a group of legal professionals and friends who bill themselves as “Just Your Standard Courthouse Band”!

Cynthia Renee and Company

Voted Folsom’s Best Local Band three years running. Performing Modern Country to Pop, the hits of the 70s and 80s in an upscale contemporary style. Amazing singer-songwriter with versatile vocals and professional backup instrumentalists.

East Side Funk

East Side Funk is an 8-piece ensemble playing original material fusing jazz, funk, Latin and R&B to create music that is inspirational, improvisational and enjoyable. Funky guitar rhythms, relentless grooves, and catchy horn lines provide the foundation for a soulful and dynamic musical experience. East Side Funk captivates audiences by sharing the contagious message of “Love, Joy and Groove”.

The Fabulous Liars

The Fabulous Liars specialize in Classic Rock hits from famous artists and rarely heard tunes. Expect high-energy, great songs, great harmonies and FUN.

FBI Band

FBI is a True Tribute to the Legends of Motown while paying homage to the Fathers of Funk. We do it in the way music from that genre was meant to be heard; from the heart. Touching and lifting your soul while invoking great memories! Come experience some of the most sophisticated, intoxicating and enduring music ever recorded including The Temptations, The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Aretha, Etta James, Stevie Wonder, The Staple Singers, Marvin Gaye also Sly and the Family Stone, Tower of Power, WAR and more.

Grupo Enlace

Grupo Enlace

Friends from different states within Mexico’s Republic decided to form a musical band, to express different styles of music. The music that they play, many recognize it as cumbias, norteñas, corridos & zapateados. Their music grabs your attention to get up and dance and enjoy a good time.

Hill Country Truckers

A return to Outlaw Country of yesteryear.

Honey of the Heart

Honey of the Heart is an ambrosial mix of musical interpretations influenced by folk, soul, jazz and world-flamenco. Their style is described as Folk, Soul, World, Roots, fusion with rich harmonies, and powerful vocals. This versatile, inspiring duo weaves together soaring, rich vocals and melodies, haunting, epic, harmonies, contagious polyrhythms infused with deep, soulful, intimate presence, message and skill to sweeten the hearts of all who listen.

Jaclyn Lovey – The Voice and hometown singer-songwriter

Performing on "The Voice" became a reality for Jaclyn Lovey, a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Placerville, California. Her future is bright, as she takes her experience on “The Voice” and grows her art to what local fans know will be wonderful — for Jaclyn, and for us.

Outlaws and Angels

Outlaws & Angels brings the Kick-Ur-Boots up Country. Lassoing just the right amount of rock-country. Go grab your spurs and saddle up for a good ole’ time. A six-piece group with two female lead singers, they bring years of stage experience with them as part of many different bands such as Dyin Breed, Denise Davis & Rio Mojo, The Cheatin Buzzies, Jamal Walker & Loose Change.

Kyliana Mari

My name is Kyliana Mari and I am a recent graduate of El Dorado High School in Placerville. I have always had a passion for music and performing. Since I learned to play guitar, I've gone to every open mic I could find including traveling to Nashville. I play Pop Country/Rock. I love performing and want to do it for the rest of my life.

Maya Latin Tribute Band

Maya is a Latin Tribute Band, presenting the most popular songs from well-known artists including Santana, Selena, Mark Anthony, Gloria Estefan, War, Celia Cruz, La Sonora Dinamita, Ritchie Valens, Kumbia Kings and popular Latin old school hits. Maya covers standard Latin styles including Cumbia, Tex Mex, Salsa, Latin Rock, Cha Cha, Merengue and Old School.

Michelle Lambert

Michelle Lambert is the kind of electric performer whose deep talent reveals itself in sly, knowing bursts. Whether it’s goosing the expectation of a breezy pop-country tune with a confident hip-hop-flavored flow, an aching desire slipping out from between the lyrics of a ballad, or the way Michelle dominates every inch of the stage before wielding her violin in classic rock goddess mode.

Momma T & the Shaky Ground Band

Momma T & the Shaky Ground Band is a variety cover band playing danceable R&B, blues, rock, and jazz sprinkled with a few original tunes. The band features tight professional musicianship and harmonies led by the soulful powerhouse vocals of Momma T. Her passion and soul shines through in every song. Shaky Ground will keep you on the dance floor while shifting from one sizzling groove to the next!

Plaid City - Sacramento's premier dad-rock band

They show up, they wear plaid, they play rock n’ roll. it’s the easiest gimmick in show business. This rock trio is fronted by Placerville’s own Jason Weeks. Come out and dance to some 90s alternative, classic rock, 2000s pop-rock, 80s pop, country, hip-hop or whatever else they feel like playing in the moment.

The Pressure Lounge

Blending elements of funk, pop, hip-hop, rock chops, lollipops and metalshop into a dance-motivated groove machine that pursues versatility first. Blending stacked horns, heavenly harmonies, and enough funk to move a skyscraper, The Pressure Lounge brings the dance fuel in every color of the groove. In addition to original compositions, we have been known to cover multiple songs by a wide array of artists, including Bruno Mars, CAKE, Turquoise Jeep, Smashing Pumpkins, Elvis Presley, Earth Wind & Fire, Jimi Hendrix, En Vogue, Liam Lynch, Chaka Khan, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Stone Temple Pilots, Tenacious D, Rick James, and on and on. We aim to get your soul shakin’ and your body bakin’.

The Residents

Hailing from Lake Tahoe’s South Shore, the Residents provide an upbeat musical experience, mixing beloved classic songs from the last several decades with heartfelt original tunes by various band members.

Rolling Heads

Rolling Heads is a high energy band with a song list that is unrivaled in its musical diversity. Consisting of truly professional musicians as they are able to 'nail' everything from Journey to the most modern hits. Every song is a party starter!

South 65

South 65 is a solid, country/rock, kickabilly band of seasoned musicians and longtime friends. They are a bit of an anomaly due to varying influences and experience, there is almost no song they don’t know or can’t play. They amaze audiences with their penchant for accepting song requests and wow crowds in the process. How many bands could handle a request to play an Alice in Chains tune and then an old Elvis song?

Tiki Lounge Lizards

The Tiki Lounge Lizards play a variety of traditional Surf Guitar Music known around the world as the popular California West Coast Sound. Memorable, favorite hit songs by The Ventures, Dick Dale, The Chantays, The Surfaris, plus some surprises are just some of the great music performed by this awesome four-piece band. And that’s not all, the band also plays a cool blend of exciting James Bond/Spy/Secret Agent Theme Music that really gets the party swingin’.

Rubicon Jeep Jamboree Challenge

Fun for all ages. Class Categories: Streetable with 35 or smaller tires, unlimited UTVs and Trailer Skills Course
Rock Race: Timed event traveling a course designed to put both driver and rigs to the test by Jeepers Jamboree to simulate real obstacles that you would encounter on the world-famous Rubicon Trail. Winner will be determined by the fastest times in each category.
Trailer Skills Challenge: Timed event open to all categories, traveling a specially designed course to test the drivers ability to navigate a trailer over obstacles. Winner will be determined by the driver with the least load loss. Trailers will be provided by the RTF. Vehicles must have trailer hitch receiver.
Rubicon Trail Foundation – Enhancing the future health and use of the Rubicon Trail, while ensuring responsible motorized year-round trail access.

Jeremy the Juggler

Jeremy performs his interactive action-packed act for all ages including juggling, unicycling, giant transforming origami, magic, comedy, a juggling frog puppet and more!