Junior Livestock Auction

2019 Junior Livestock Auction will be held
Saturday, June 15, 10:00 am

The Junior Livestock Auction Committee is a non-profit organization comprised of business owners and community members who are or have been 4-H/FFA parents or leaders, plus the County 4-H Advisor, an FFA Advisor and the Fair Manager. All members are volunteers. Our purpose is to make the auction the best experience for everyone involved.

Auction Committee Fact Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions

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Information on how to join the Auction Committee

2019 Buyer Information

El Dorado County Fair gratefully acknowledges
The Junior Livestock Auction Committee
Cindy Burdette, President
Wes Walker, Vice President
Courtney Watts, Treasurer
Kelsey Walkover, Secretary
Contact Committee edcauction@gmail.com



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